Keeping people, sites and assets safe in the modern world demands a combination of strategic advice and innovative solutions to help manage security risk and ensure business resilience.

HawkSight Consultancy and its security risk management consultants are at the forefront of that approach. Our clients come from a raft of sectors. We help them better understand the threats they face and to manage and mitigate their security risks.

Lack of standardisation and continuity in security risk assessment has often led to confusion between those managing security risk and business leadership. What makes HawkSight Consultancy and its security risk management consultants so effective is the consistent, methodology-based process that underpins our advice.

Effective risk management is a continuous process. It demands consistency of approach, quantification of risk in commercial terms and cross-organisation collaboration.  Traditional physical, manpower and technological security remain essential aspects of operational security but are not the only considerations when designing effective security systems. 

Our ISO 31000 risk led approach allows clients to shift corporate security from cost centre to business value add. Effective security solutions are built around understanding risk in financial terms – impacts to projects, operations and reputation balanced against appropriate proactive and reactive mitigation measures to bring risk into balance with the organisation’s risk appetite.

Our security risk management consultants work with award-winning HawkSight Software to map, model and report on security risk in a way that effectively bridges the communication gap between those charged with operational security risk management and the boardroom.

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Paul Mercer's article for ASIS International the need for security risk management reset in recovery planning.

"These are unprecedented times for us all. Every business is being tested to its very core. Businesses and organisations across the world have spent the past weeks in firefighting mode, reacting to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in an attempt to protect the business and its key assets, primarily its people."