Corporate security and mitigating risk to employees, customers, equipment, supply lines and infrastructure is a critical consideration for organisations wherever they operate and particularly for those in hostile environments.

We work with clients across a host of sectors to help them better understand, manage and mitigate the security risks to their businesses and operations. We do so from the standpoint that effective risk management is a continuous process which requires consistency of approach, quantification of risk in commercial terms and collaboration across numerous business functions.

In the past, a lack of standardisation and continuity in security risk assessment methodology has often led to confusion between those managing security risk and budget holders. What makes HawkSight Consultancy so effective is the consistent, standardised application of its five-step security risk methodology.

We also believe that risk management must be an ongoing, continuous process and that the historic model of static security risk assessment and an overarching military approach to mitigation measures are now outdated.  Whilst traditional physical, manpower and technological security remains an essential aspect of operational security it should not be the only consideration in security system design, where softer security options may not only exist, but also be more effective.

By establishing an in-depth understanding of the project or projects being assessed and applying a standardised approach, we provide truly effective mitigation and risk management solutions. Our approach also helps shift perceptions about corporate security - moving it from cost centre to business value add.

To be truly effective, we believe security risk analysis and management should operate in parallel with overarching enterprise risk management. By working with our bespoke award-winning HawkSight Software we can map and model risk and provide extensive transparent reporting in a way which bridges the language gap between security risk management and the boardroom.
The power of HawkSight Software is that it delivers consistency, transparency and standardisation across the entire business.

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HawkSight SRM appoints Pilgrims Group as global reseller

HawkSight SRM announces Pilgrims Group as sole global reseller for its award-winning HawkSight Software.