HawkSight Software 2020 – a digital enterprise security risk management solution which is empowering organisations and better protecting people and operations.

We put effective decision making in the hands of business leaders. HawkSight Software 2020 is a digital security risk assessment solution which harnesses data, integrates with incident feeds and existing databases to deliver bespoke analysis and reporting.


£245 (ex VAT) per month
minimum six month contract



£2495 (ex VAT) per annum



from £9995 per annum (ex VAT)
five user licences


A security risk assessment software that delivers a single solution to strategic, operational and tactical risk assessment, risk management and tailored security planning.

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Data driven security risk assessment software 

HawkSight Software empowers the people who have to make decisions about risk. A unique, digital security risk assessment solution, it underpins the quantification of risk in business terms, including financial exposure.

It supports security professionals allowing them to communicate quickly and effectively with their organisations. Quite simply, it is empowering business leaders with the global foresight they need to make effective decisions.

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Improving security and saving time and money

This unique security risk assessment software is saving both time and money by enabling the quantification of risk appetite in business terms, including financial exposure, and to best deploy resources to proactively and reactively mitigate risk.

The creation of baseline templates for each type of security risk assessment required cuts out repetition and makes managing even the largest of portfolios simple.  Easily run risk simulations to hone mitigation strategies and identify residual risk.

Delivering time savings of 65% in the creation of new security risk assessments and 95% in updating them.

Enhancing decision making through visualisation

Powered by an Esri ArcGIS mapping dashboard HawkSight Software makes visualisation quick and simple. Rapidly visualise and assimilate the latest information working with street map, topographical or satellite overlays. Make better decisions by interrogating enriched incident data analysis including cluster, heat mapping and automated incident charting.

Mobile auditing capability

HawkSight Software 2020 is tablet ready and supports simple step-by-step instructions to non-security staff to complete audit and compliance checks and consolidating the data.

Bespoke report builder

HawkSight Software’s report builder includes dictation functionality and can tailor reports to mirror house styles and match internal reporting guidelines. Include as much as little detail as required and easily update and circulate.

International Standards

Our security risk analysis software calculates risk based on ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines and the associated Australian New Zealand Standards, Security Risk Management Handbook 167 Guidelines. It does so in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

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HawkSight Training - methodology and software operation eLearning

Onboarding HawkSight Software is straight forward with both certified security risk assessment methodology and software system training built in. 

HawkSight Training’s security risk management eLearning


HawkSight Software Security

All hosted data is held in secure UK-based data centres. Bespoke security requirements can be easily accommodated through our customisation process.


HawkSight SRM response to COVID-19

Working with our GIS mapping partners at Esri UK and Geospoc in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.