Rethink your approach to enterprise security risk management with our award-winning, revolutionary security risk assessment software.

HawkSight Software is a security risk assessment tool that delivers a single solution to strategic, operational and tactical risk assessment and tailored security planning. Customisable and scalable it is setting the benchmark for software in the sector. 

Our security risk analysis software calculates risk based on ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines and the associated Australian New Zealand Standards, Security Risk Management Handbook 167 Guidelines. It does so in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

HawkSight Software is powered by Esri and has a powerful ArcGIS mapping dashboard. This unique security risk assessment tool is enabling our clients to save time and money by enabling the quantification of risk appetite in business terms, including financial exposure, and to best deploy resources to proactively and reactively mitigate risk.

The powerful reporting tools included in our risk assessment software bridge the gap between operational security personnel and business leaders, by translating the traditional language of security into that of enterprise risk.

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HawkSight Software Powered by Esri

Arc GIS mapping is at the heart of our physical security risk assessment software. It allows security teams to rapidly visualise assimilate and respond to the latest information and incidents impacting their portfolio – be that people, sites or other critical assets.

HawkSight SRM’s risk assessment software gives our clients the ability to:

  • Develop internal best practice and deploy using bespoke template functionality which employs both proactive and reactive security risk mitigation measures
  • Create template security risk assessments for every type of project in the portfolio
  • Easily review, update and adjust templates to reflect unique features of individual projects


Arc GIS mapping data interface enables clients to:

  • Capture data and incident feeds via API and plot directly into the dashboard
  • Monitor the risk level of every project in the portfolio using colour coded project location icons
  • Rapidly visualise, assimilate and respond to the latest information and incident data displayed through the Arc GIS mapping data interface
  • Define map extent from global to street-level, add time frames and incident categories for instant visualisation of critical information including live tracking data
  • Work with selectable mapping layers – street map, topographical and satellite overlays
  • Take advantage of enriched incident analysis options including cluster, heat mapping and automated incident charting


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HawkSight Software Arc GIS Mapping Data Integration

HawkSight Software has been developed to ensure that it is compatible with the API feeds of market leading data service providers including:

  • Live country incident feeds
  • Live global incident feeds
  • Historic incident databases
  • Satellite asset tracking



HawkSight Software eLearning

Initial training in the use of HawkSight Software is included in its licence fee and is supported by our embedded eLearning package. 

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HawkSight Software Security

All hosted data is held in secure UK-based data centres. Bespoke security requirements can be easily accommodated through our customisation process.



HawkSight Software, A Testimonial from Lecturer, Mwai Kariuki

Mwai Kariuki, a lecturer in enterprise security risk management (ESRM) at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya gives his verdict on HawkSight Software.