HawkSight Training modules are designed to provide our clients with the ability to upskill their teams and to bring their security risk management function further in-house.

They are aligned with our philosophy that consistency of methodology, knowledge sharing and a best practice approach will all contribute to continuous improvement in managing and mitigating business security risks.

HawkSight Training courses are endorsed by the Institute of Leadership Management. They are delivered in partnership with Agile Group, a UK-based Institute of Leadership Management training provider. 

All training modules can be tailored to reinforce our clients' existing policies and procedures, where applicable, and will be delivered by Paul Mercer of HawkSight SRM Ltd.

Three levels of professional training are available which can be delivered at a readily accessible UK location or at clients’ premises as required. 



Security Risk Management Development Programme


Level 1 - Security Risk Assessment

Designed for practicing security managers or consultants to train them in ISO 31000 compliant Security Risk Management Methodology.


Level 2 - Leadership in Security Risk Management - ILM Approved

ILM approved, this modular course will equip participants with invaluable leadership and communications skills. Giving them the ability to demonstrate the importance of risk led organisational security and allowing them to unlock the extensive cost savings it can bring their organisations. 

Designed in response to the latest methodology and to enhance understanding of the practical application of ISO 31000 compliant security risk assessment, this course will teach key leadership skills, improve communications skills and enable security risk managers and consultants to work more effectively with business leaders in aligning corporate security with enterprise security risks.


Level 3 -  Security Risk Control Tool Kit

Designed for practicing security managers or consultants, who have completed Levels 1 and 2, this course will provide detailed training in the development of manpower, technical, physical and cyber security controls.


HawkSight Training launches Leadership in Security Risk Management

HawkSight SRM has today launched Leadership in Security Risk Management, an Institute of Leadership and Management approved training course for security risk managers and consultants.