Benefit from our security risk management courses or development programme training options.

HawkSight Training’s ISO 31000 training options are designed to empower clients and upskill their security teams.

Train and implement security risk assessment, mitigation and management consistently enterprise-wide.

eLearning Security Risk Management Courses

Part 1 - Security Risk Assessment 

Comprising of six modules, this package provides a certified learning outcome and a six-part learning journey covering:

  1. An introduction to security risk assessment
  2. Project set-up: establishing project context and the security risk assessment framework
  3. Risk identification: threat assessment, criticality assessment, target attractiveness
  4. Risk analysis: calculating risk levels using the matrices to compile a risk register
  5. Risk treatment: assigning protective and reactive security controls to each risk on the risk register
  6. Risk monitoring and review

Part 2 - HawkSight Software Operator Course

Learn the use of HawkSight Software in an eLearning software simulator.

Included in the HawkSight Software licence, Parts 1 and 2 of the eLearning security risk management course can be accessed at any time for refresher training or to induct new security team members .



Security Risk Management Development Programme


This progressive security risk management course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership Management and delivered in partnership with Agile Group at accessible UK locations or on premise as needed. Modules can be tailored to meet client policies and procedures or sector requirements.

This modular course will equip participants with invaluable leadership and communications skills. It will give them the ability to demonstrate the importance of risk led security and allowing them to unlock the extensive cost savings it can bring their organisations.

It has been designed to enhance understanding of the practical application of ISO 31000 compliant security risk assessment methodology. This course will teach key leadership skills, improve communication skills and enable security risk managers and consultants to work more effectively with business leaders to align corporate security with enterprise security risks.



HawkSight Software, A Testimonial from Lecturer, Mwai Kariuki

Mwai Kariuki, a lecturer in enterprise security risk management (ESRM) at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya gives his verdict on HawkSight Software.