Up to 89% time saving

Digital SRM = increased productivity

HawkSight has worked with some of our users to assess the time saved to develop a standard safety & security risk assessment using a digital platform compared to a manual approach using software such as Word and Excel.

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This comparative analysis considers two scenarios:

chart inital SRA

Initial SRA report

63% saving in time

The time it takes to develop an initial SRA report from scratch. The digital assessment includes the time to configure initial baseline risk data, informing all future risk reporting.

63 pc Initial SRA
89 pc upadate SRA

SRA report update

89% saving in time

The time it takes to update an exiting SRA report, for example, to fulfil annual risk reporting requirements.

chart updarte SRA

"The results show you could add two months pa of additional productivity for a security manager or consultant by adopting a digital SRM approach, for less than the cost of two weeks pay"

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