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"HawkSight is the global leader is the provision of security risk insight"

Established in 2014, HawkSight SRM is a leading provider of digital security risk management solutions. 

Our award-winning software has been developed by security professionals for security professionals.

Our story ...

My name is Paul Mercer, founder of HawkSight security risk management. I am a strong advocate of risk led security management and I've spent the last ten years building a digital security risk management solution to drive efficiency, accuracy and standardisation in the practice of security risk management.

"So, why do I believe that risk led security is so important?" 

Here is our story ...

A few years ago, I was a security advisor to an election observation mission in Africa.

The incident ...

At a critical election observation post, the crowd started to get out of control because of the late opening of the voting centre. The security forces fired shots over the crowd's heads to gain control, and in doing so, one older lady drops dead. We had election observers at this election post, so I needed to understand, and explain, the implications of this incident on the mission pretty quickly.

The assessment ...

I knew that a revenge attack would be very likely, but from who? Family members, members of her tribe or would opposition political groups take advantage of the situation? I was well aware that any of them could carry out an attack using small-arms or an explosive device. I was also convinced that the likely target for a revenge attack would be the election post itself, just where our observers were already positioned. I had to speak to my client and explain my concerns. I had no direct intelligence that an attack would take place, but I did have a logical thought process. My client had stressed the importance of this political polling station to the success of their mission, but after short consideration agreed that we should evacuate our team.

The response ...

I had to move the team quickly because we had 'recced' the evacuation route and had identified the threat of armed banditry en route. We had to get them to a safe location before dark. Both election observers were highly experienced. One was a former Kenyan special forces soldier, and the other a British academic who spoke the local dialect. They both understood and agreed with my assessment and immediately got on the road, two hours later they reported they were safe in a hotel. 

The outcome ...

A short time later, I received a report of a bomb detonating at the election post causing multiple fatalities.

Village kids in the Ogaden, Ethiopia


The lesson …

The dynamic risk assessment process I used in my head took 15 mins, but it was enough to convince the top management that they should effectively cancel their entire role in the election observation mission.

In this story I was dealing with a single threat to a single asset, our people. I could do the assessment in my head and communicate it to my client because I had used a logical assessment process. But security professionals, in most businesses and organisations, need to assess multiple threats, affecting multiple assets worldwide on a daily basis.

The solution ...

This is why I developed HawkSight SRM software. It uses precisely the same process I used in Africa, just scaled up to meet global enterprise's complex needs. 

"HawkSight has been developed to help you keep your enterprise safer through a modern, digital, data-driven, risk led approach to security".

Thanks for reading, and for your interest in HawkSight.

Stay safe


Founder HawkSight SRM


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