Calling all independent security consultants!


Did you know that taking a digital approach to risk assessment could save time and make you more profitable? HawkSight SRM is supporting corporates to standardise and improve the efficiency and continuity of their operational and security risk reporting. Most recently we have begun working with independent security consultants and boutique risk consultancies to support them with an affordable version of our award-winning HawkSight Software.

So, if you’d like to say goodbye to spreadsheets and move to a digitally-driven platform that meets ISO 31000 standards, then give us a call. We estimate that by working with HawkSight Software you can save time – about 60% in creating new security risk assessments and 95% in updating and maintaining them.

Saving time means you can improve your margins and grow your business.

Here’s how one consultant-client has worked with HawkSight Software in the US.

If you’re interested in how HawkSight Software could save you time and increase your profit in all your operational risk reporting, then get in touch.


Paul Mercer's interview for Security Management Highlights - COVID-19 and the potential for civil unrest

In a prescient interview recorded in early May, HawkSight SRM Managing Director Paul Mercer discusses COVID-19, emerging threats, the likelihood of civil unrest and where that might lead if it goes unchecked.