HawkSight COVID upskill training offer at a lockdown price of £9.99 


Are you a security professional who has been furloughed, simply working from home, or an independent security consultant waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted? Why not use this time of extended quarantine to upskill so that you have the latest training in one of the most misunderstood aspects of effective security management?  

HawkSight has partnered with Highfield e-learning to offer a certificate in security risk analysis methodology - course just £9.99 (£245 launch price) for a limited lockdown price

This online training programme is formed of five, interactive, one-hour modules. The course takes learners through the basic process and terminology of risk assessment methodology, based on internationally recognised enterprise risk management standards, then outlines a detailed approach as to how to carry out a security/operational risk assessment and effectively develop cost-effective mitigation strategies.

Apply Here Lockdown Price £9.99 

The course covers 

  • Security risk assessment methodology 
  • Setting up a project, establishing its context and defining the risk framework 
  • Risk identification, threat assessment, critical asset management and target attractiveness assessment 
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk treatment, monitoring and review 


“The SRM Methodology Course was excellent and very informative. The content was clear, precise and easy to digest. I would highly recommend the course to anyone entering into the risk management arena or experienced consultants/managers looking to streamline and expand their understanding of operational risk assessment and the practical ability to apply it.”

Stephen Owen, independent security risk consultant

“I would certainly recommend the training program to anyone wishing to advance their career by adopting a scientific, compliant and result-driven approach in assessing security risks."

Dr Mwai Kariuki, lecturer in Security Studies at Dedan Kimathi University 

If you are interested upskilling, we are offering special access over the next four weeks (offer ends 19/05/20)  

Apply Here Lockdown Price £9.99



HawkSight SRM becomes ASIS International Preferred CPE Provider

HawkSight SRM’s Security Risk Assessment Methodology eLearning has been recognised by ASIS as part of its Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme. Successful completion of the eLearning certificate carries 5 CPE points from ASIS.