HawkSight SRM redevelops it award-winning HawkSight Software using ArcGIS


The pioneering risk management tool, which is being used to improve security in some of the most challenging regions of the world, has been redeveloped and enhanced using ArcGIS technology. The development project was undertaken in just two and a half months, with support from Esri UK through the Esri Inc Startup Program.

Governments, non-governmental organisations and commercial businesses around the world continue to be challenged by highly complex security risks including terrorism attacks, kidnappings and acts of violence.  Designed to help security professionals evaluate threats and share risk assessments with officials and business leaders, HawkSight Software delivers a more visual format that allows a better explanation of how security interventions will improve the personal safety of staff and reduce financial exposure.

The brainchild of operational security consultants, it has evolved from a paper template, through an enhanced Excel spreadsheet and evolved into an online tool that initially worked with Google maps.

The complete redevelopment of HawkSight Software using Esri’s ArcGIS platform has created a high quality, location-centric, enterprise-wide system based on international risk management standards.

Migrating the system to ArcGIS has underpinned significant enhancements to the software, including the addition of a new temporal slider function that allows the evaluation of patterns in the frequency and times of security incidents by both category and location.

HawkSight SRM has benefited from the Esri Inc Startup Program which provides expertise and the ArcGIS software free of charge to developers. The program helped HawkSight SRM achieve its project goals in just two and a half months. It also expanded the team's technical skills and fueled inspiration for future enhancements and continuous improvements to the customer experience.

Paul Mercer, Managing Director, HawkSight SRM Ltd said: “With access to the full suite of ArcGIS solutions and expert guidance from Esri UK, we have developed an application that will help to improve safety for people working in challenging and potentially dangerous parts of the world.” 


HawkSight SRM becomes ASIS International Preferred CPE Provider

HawkSight SRM’s Security Risk Assessment Methodology eLearning has been recognised by ASIS as part of its Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme. Successful completion of the eLearning certificate carries 5 CPE points from ASIS.