HawkSight SRM Shortlisted For Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2016


Hot on the heels of its success at the CIR Risk Management Awards 2016, HawkSight SRM Ltd has been shortlisted for this year’s Security & Fire Excellence Awards for the Best Contribution to Security Standards.

HawkSight Software has been designed to save time, improve continuity and collaboration and to present security risk in a language that will enable informed decision making in complex environments. 

“I am thrilled that we’ve been shortlisted for this award,” said HawkSight SRM Managing Director Paul Mercer. “We are up against some stiff competition alongside organisations such as Marks and Spencer and Four Group, NSI and Cardinal Security Services.

“Our approach to developing HawkSight Software has been to focus on improving both continuity and collaboration potential in a single programme. It enables standardisation of methodology across security risk assessment and allows top to bottom visibility for organisations operating in complex environments.

“I believe that the ability to customise HawkSight Software to meet the needs of organisations of every size to reflect their operational and management requirements in a single portal is what is contributing to its success.”

HawkSight Software meets ISO 31000:2009 Enterprise Risk Management standards and delivers user organisation specific real-time global, regional, national and local security risk assessment and management capability. Inbuilt checks and balances offers improved risk assessment and risk mitigation through its dynamic reporting tools.

The winners of the Security & Fire Excellence Awards will be announced at a ceremony at the London Hilton at Park Lane on Wednesday 23 November.

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