HawkSight SRM provides specialist security risk management consultancy, software and training to a host of industries. 


HawkSight Security Risk Management Resources

This page provides information and links to a variety of HawkSight SRM and other useful third-party resources.

Security risk management software demonstration videos

Find out more about the development of HawkSight Software and our response to the COVID-19 coronavirus. You can watch demonstrations of:


Security risk management software presentations

HawkSight Software is a digital solution which can be scaled to meet the needs of independent security risk consultants and global enterprises alike. The following presentations offer more information:



This datasheet provides more detailed information about HawkSight Software.

Security white paper

This document provides details of the security protocols for HawkSight Software both in the Cloud and as an On-Premise deployment.


For a copy of HawkSight SRM, HawkSight Software End User Licence please download it here.


International Standards

HawkSight Software risk treatment plans can also be developed in line with the auditing requirements of other international standards. We have worked with clients to ensure security mitigation plan compliance with the following:

ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management – Guidelines

HawkSight SRM uses this international standard as the basis for its consultancy, software and training services. HawkSight Software calculates risk in accordance with their principles, framework and process. The logic which supports the platform algorithm is confirmed by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) as compliant with the guidelines. This international standard is universally applicable. More information about this standard or to preview ISO 31000 pdf.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Technology – Security Techniques – Information Security Management Systems - Requirements

A generic standard, it is designed for use by any organisation to enable them to develop, adopt and maintain information security management systems appropriate to their operations. More information about the requirements for this standard or to preview ISO/IEC 27001:2013 pdf.

International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)

This is a mandatory security regime for international shipping. It contains the requirements for port and maritime security and applies to SOLAS contracting governments, shipping companies and port authorities. Part A is mandatory, and Part B is advisory. More information about the requirements for this standard or to preview ISPS Code.

PAS 3001:2018 Travelling for work

This code of practice provides health, safety and security guidance for businesses whose staff travel for work. It is designed to identify how best to protect both employees and the organisation. To preview or buy PAS 3001:2018 pdf.

Security Risk Management: A basic guide for smaller NGOs

This guide was designed by the EISF to help smaller NGOs and international NGOs better understand security risk management. In turn enabling them to meet their duty of care obligations by implementing key processes to enhance staff security. More information about EISF and to download Security Risk Management: A basic guide for smaller NGOs.


HawkSight SRM becomes ASIS International Preferred CPE Provider

HawkSight SRM’s Security Risk Assessment Methodology eLearning has been recognised by ASIS as part of its Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme. Successful completion of the eLearning certificate carries 5 CPE points from ASIS.