Rethink your approach to enterprise security risk management with our award-winning, revolutionary security risk assessment software.

HawkSight Software enables implementation of security risk assessment consistently and in a fraction of the time taken through the traditional security consultancy approach. Its powerful reporting tools give those responsible for managing security full visibility of the threats and issues impacting projects, whilst at the same time bridging the gap to the boardroom by translating the traditional language of security risk into that of enterprise risk.

It calculates risk based on ISO31000 Enterprise Risk Management Guidelines and the associated Australian Standards, Security Risk Management Handbook 167 Guidelines. It is both customisable and scalable, and harnesses the iterative nature of risk assessment best practice to set the benchmark for software in this sector.

Deployment of HawkSight Software is revolutionising the way that organisations manage risk, empowering them to train their own teams to implement security risk assessment, mitigation and management consistently wherever they are on the globe.

It enables organisations to take an enterprise-wide approach to security risk management; putting consistent and transparent security risk management at the fingertips of local, regional and global risk managers.



HawkSight Software Powered by Esri

HawkSight Software is unique. It provides security risk visibility from an enterprise perspective, combined with a powerful operational risk management tool kit in a single platform.

Powered by Esri mapping technology and combined with robust security risk management methodology, HawkSight Software enables organisations to implement operational risk reporting with consistency and continuity.

Key features:

  • Mapping dashboard interface powered by Esri
  • Live incident data feed options
  • Consistent framework
  • Fully customisable
  • Scalable

HawkSight Software

  • Scalable mapping with global-to-local overview
  • Live incident feed capability
  • Project locations colour coded by risk level
  • Selectable satellite tracking layer
  • Comprehensive threat assessment and threat database capability
  • Powerful operational risk management tool kit
  • Extensive risk modelling and simulation
  • Enterprise-wide reporting and communication contribute to a prioritised team approach
  • Provides comprehensive risk management legacy information 
  • Promotes the quantification of security spend at every level 
  • Operates in parallel with, or integrated into enterprise risk management strategies
  • Improves communication between business leadership and risk managers 

HawkSight Software is available as a hosted service for a minimum of five users or as an on-premise deployment.

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HawkSight Software Integration


HawkSight Software has been developed to ensure that it is compatible with the data feeds of market leading data service providers including:

  • Live country incident feeds
  • Live global incident feeds
  • Historic incident databases
  • Satellite tracking

Data feeds can be displayed through HawkSight Software supporting efficient and seamless access to relevant data from strategic risk analysis to operational monitoring and emergency response. 



HawkSight Software Training

Initial training in the use of HawkSight Software is included in its licence fee. All software training is undertaken online and comprises of two, two hour sessions to take new users through the set-up process of a single project.

HawkSight Software has tuition videos embedded so that users can refresh their memory about its functionality at any time.



HawkSight Software Security

All hosted data is held in secure UK-based data centres. Bespoke security requirements can be easily accommodated through our customisation process.




Introducing HawkSight Software V2

Introducing Version 2 of HawkSight Software the ISO 31000 compliant, and award-winning enterprise security risk management platform from HawkSight SRM Ltd. Incorporating enhanced API and mapping integrations, and much more, to help security teams rapidly review, assimilate and respond to the latest information and incidents impacting their project portfolio.