ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines

Providing assurance to stakeholders that your organisation is effectively managing security risk and meeting its duty of care is essential. ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines can be used by any organisation – commercial, government, non-government – irrespective of sector, size or geography.

The methodology used by ISO 31000 helps organisation achieve their core objectives through the effective identification of risks to key assets and the optimal deployment of resources to mitigate them.

The ISO 31000 framework provides guidance for both internal and external audit, allowing our clients to benchmark their risk treatment programmes against it. Internationally recognised ISO 31000 supports sound process, effective management and corporate governance.

HawkSight Software and ISO 31000

HawkSight SRM understands that security failures can impact our clients in a host of ways from financial to reputational, and safety to environmental, making a professional approach to managing security risk effectively essential.

HawkSight Software has been developed using the ISO 31000 framework. It also underpins our approach to consultancy and training.

HawkSight Software’s embedded eLearning package trains both ISO 31000 compliant SRM methodology and the use of the software itself. It gives our clients confidence that they are meeting security industry best practice and governance standards.

We also understand that our clients may need to demonstrate compliance with a range of standards. The flexibility of HawkSight Software gives us confidence that we can help them achieve compliance with all the security standards to which they are subject.

HawkSight Software has been used by clients who require compliance with international standards including: 

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems (ISMS) – Requirements
  • PAS 3001:2016 Travelling for work
  • The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

For more information about these standards and IS0 31000 pdf, ISO 27001 pdf and ISPS Code pdf head to our resources page.


HawkSight SRM becomes ASIS International Preferred CPE Provider

HawkSight SRM’s Security Risk Assessment Methodology eLearning has been recognised by ASIS as part of its Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme. Successful completion of the eLearning certificate carries 5 CPE points from ASIS.