British Council Nigeria

HawkSight SRM worked with British Council Nigeria to facilitate its security risk assessment of the expansion of its language, teaching and exam delivery programmes, and HawkSight Software now forms the backbone of British Council Nigeria’s security risk management protocol. 

Its impact on ongoing operations include:
Increased numbers of exam contracts, benefitting some 1000 teachers with the potential to positively impact 62,000 more
530% growth in their ability to deliver UK registered exams in the Northern states
11% increase in exam income in red/amber high risk areas (FCO)
Business growth and positive impact on education programmes

HawkSight Consultancy was briefed to assess the current security risk exposure, provide a gap analysis of existing controls to mitigate those risks and from there to develop security management policies, plans and procedures to mitigate the key risks identified.

The security risk assessment focused on key office locations in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano and on sponsored programmes elsewhere.

Every project was mapped through HawkSight Software allowing demonstration of both current and future/residual risk profiles. Ongoing security threat monitoring across the operational zone was significantly enhanced by the addition of GIS mapping to facilitate the collection, analysis and dissemination of information.

HawkSight SRM also trained British Council Nigeria in the methodology and use of HawkSight Software which allowed the organisation to internalise the process and developing its own protocols for efficient daily threat monitor and to ensure that existing security controls remained relevant in an ever changing security risk environment.

"HawkSight Software has been hugely successful for us. They’ve done a first-class job in training our team and the system is fundamentally intuitive to use. The combination of critical information and overlay of current and historical threat data in a map format gives us the ability to make informed decisions and to mitigate risk effectively. It’s undoubtedly contributed hugely to the expansion of the programme, has transformed our approach to security management and our country-side operation in Nigeria".
Lucy Pearson, British Council Nigeria