Corporate Property Portfolio

HawkSight SRM worked with a global professional services firm to complete a security risk review of its UK office portfolio in light of the changing nature of UK terror threat and a rise in violent crime.

The results are a clear demonstration of how robust methodology and software that comply with international risk management standards can save time and money whilst underpinning good corporate governance.

  • Security risk assessments carried out on all UK offices in 12 months
  • Digital security risk assessment and analysis implemented using GIS powered HawkSight Software
  • UK Police Data Feed API delivered to HawkSight Software automatically updating crime reports within 1 kilometre of each location 
  • Automated risk report template established
  • UK security mitigation strategy uploaded and updated following gap analysis
  • Duty of care to staff supported


HawkSight SRM is responsible for improving the accuracy and continuity of security risk reporting across our client’s UK operation and for delivering clarity to the senior management team.

Our risk led approach to consultancy, coupled with the deployment of award-winning HawkSight Software powered by Esri, meant that a single consultant was able to complete the review in 12 months.

The starting point was to understand our client’s risk appetite and the factors critical to the successful operation of its corporate business.

A UK specific baseline security risk assessment was agreed that captured the factors common to all its offices: people, information, infrastructure, information and technology.

The existing UK security management plan was uploaded, in line with the audit requirements of ISO 27001 (ISMSI requirements), to ensure that existing security measures defined by its SOP and ERP mitigated the threats they were designed to counter. Where gaps were identified, and agreed, enhanced controls were implemented.

We introduced an API feed from free, open source, Police UK Data direct to HawkSight Software’s powerful GIS mapping interface.

Historically that data would have been accessed through a police liaison officer. Budget pressures on police authorities caused by austerity measures have largely eliminated that capability. HawkSight SRM has bridged that gap with technology.

We then undertook a threat analysis for each office by tailoring the UK baseline risk assessment, addressing current UK terror threat levels and establishing what was unique to each location. The output, a bespoke threat database for each location.

Finally, our consultant undertook a one-day visit to each office. During that visit he established its target attractiveness by considering visibility, threat access and collateral exposure. He also carried out a security control audit to address both office and landlord’s security controls.

Using HawkSight Software’s report builder we continue to refine bespoke reporting formats to meet the organisation’s need for clarity about the security position, its mitigation of risks to staff and to ensure it is meeting its duty of care.

Our client now has all its UK sites mapped and assessed in terms of the security risks they face. That data can be updated at any time in response to changes in threat levels, incidents of crime or other factors and it can be accessed across the business. 

The client’s security team has been trained in the use of HawkSight Software leaving them empowered with a dynamic tool with which to monitor, maintain and respond to the ever-changing security threat landscape.