HawkSight SRM and Pilgrims Group

HawkSight SRM has worked closely with Pilgrims Group for more than two years.

Initially engaged to provide specialist consultancy to a Pilgrims Group client operating in a high-risk environment, the first version of HawkSight Software was demonstrated during that project, impressing both Pilgrims and their client. 

Most importantly, Pilgrims Group CEO, Bill Freear, recognised that he and HawkSight SRM Managing Director Paul Mercer viewed risk management in the same light.

Pilgrims Group became an early adopter of the new software, embedding it into its business as a critical tool at the heart of the company’s state-of-the-art global security operations centre. 

HawkSight Software now underpins their operational delivery and adds value to the service they provide their clients, from advanced risk consultancy, management of special risk situations, manned guarding, technology and software solutions, as well as their specialist government service offering.

The software solution has enabled the business to harness the knowledge of experts in high-risk scenarios from around the globe to produce risk assessments and authorise risk mitigation procedures in real time. Where previously that process might have taken days or weeks to achieve for each developing threat, HawkSight Software can help reduce those timescales considerably. 

It can also enable existing risk assessments to be reviewed and updated within minutes, making the management of large portfolios of properties extremely efficient.

The company has collaborated with HawkSight SRM extensively in the ongoing development of its industry-leading software and in November 2017 the businesses announced the appointment of Pilgrims Group as HawkSight Software’s sole global reseller under the name Pilgrims HawkSight.

Pilgrims HawkSight is already being deployed for clients including British Council Nigeria. It is also being used in the Security Operations Centre and Travel Organisation of a blue-chip global business and as the risk assessment tool for its portfolio of UK sites.

“Our client was impressed," said Bill Freear, Pilgrims Group CEO. "It was clear that HawkSight Software was the answer to a long-standing and unfulfilled security industry demand for a security risk management product that was efficient, straightforward to use and importantly, best practice compliant.

"The software eliminates unwieldy, paper or spreadsheet-based authorisation procedures without losing the benefits of human intuition and oversight. It means our clients can give their security management staff ownership of the process, or have Pilgrims wholly or partly fulfil that role for them.

“The fact that it is recognised by Lloyds Register QA as compliant with international risk standard ISO 31000, delivers a strong, proper and auditable process.” 

Paul Mercer, HawkSight SRM Managing Director, concludes: “Pilgrims Group has a reputation as a leading global security risk management company so the quality of any third-party product it introduces to its client base is fundamental to its reputation. I believe that HawkSight Software and our partnership are an excellent fit that delivers a world-class system.”

HawkSight Software was Winner of the Security Risk Product of the Year at the Continuity Insurance and Risk Awards 2016.