PwC UK - Digitalising SRM

Over the past two years, HawkSight SRM has worked with PwC’s UK security department to completely digitalise its security risk management process.
Using HawkSight Software we have mapped PwC’s UK-wide real estate portfolio. In addition, we have integrated incident data feeds into the software platform, including the UK Data Police API feed. This has enabled the efficient tracking of safety and security trends in the locations surrounding each office.
Standardised Security Risk Assessments were carried out for each UK office using HawkSight Software to ensure compliance to both PwC’s UK Security Policy and ISO 27001.
The HawkSight Software algorithm drove efficient risk analysis in line with ISO 31000 risk guidelines, automatically creating a risk register for each office. This process has helped justify existing security controls and enabled the prioritisation of additional mitigation that may be required.
PwC’s annual security audits are now being carried out on a single platform. This can be undertaken remotely if required and is saving time and resources. HawkSight Software’s bespoke reporting tool generates tailored reports, streamlining the annual risk reporting process and ensuring the business is well informed.
PwC’s Head of UK Security, Richard Stanley, commented: “HawkSight Software has enabled us to standardise our security risk assessment approach, provide continuity in our risk reporting and helped us to visualise and monitor the risk profile across our UK real estate. We continue to work with HawkSight SRM to refine our risk reporting and are now using HawkSight Software for annual Travel Security Risks Assessments as well.”