• United Kingdom: Thousands to protest Brexit in London on 20 July
  • Bulgaria: Hackers leak private data on millions of citizens
  • United Kingdom: Climate activists block concrete supplier in London
  • India: Building collapses in Mumbai, traps 40
  • Afghanistan: Taliban threats prompt closure of Ghazni radio station
  • Pakistan: Authorities reopen airspace to civil aviation
  • Turkey: EU sanctions Ankara over Cyprus drilling
  • Indonesia: 5.7 magnitude earthquake damages infrastructure in Bali
  • Russia: Massive wildfires prompt state of emergency in southern regions
  • China: Activists call for protests in Hong Kong on 17, 21 July


Revolutionary, data-led risk and security management software. Unique and award-winning it is simple to learn and ISO 31000 compliant. It is the solution for strategic, operational and tactical security risk assessment and management.

  • Build collaboration and compliance
  • Customise and scale
  • Share data enterprise-wide
  • Save time and money

Security Risk Management Software


Addressing enterprise security risk management in a complex world through risk-led consultancy nd by empowering our clients.

Security Risk Management Consultancy


Training teams to monitor, analyse, plan and act using ISO 31000 methodology. Underpinning collaboration to bring cost-effective security risk management in-house.

Security Risk Management Training


Anyone charged with managing risk, from a global enterprise perspective to an individual project including:

  • Corporate Risk Directors and Managers
  • Security Directors
  • Security Managers
  • Security Risk Management Consultants
  • Security Risk Professionals


Award-winning HawkSight Software is empowering our clients to take an enterprise-wide approach to security risk management. It is putting consistent and transparent security risk management at the fingertips of local, regional and global risk managers.


Protecting people, sites and critical assets is a must for any organisation. Security risk management is the foundation stone of business resilience and continuity.

HawkSight SRM is revolutionising enterprise security risk management by arming clients with risk-led, ISO 31000 compliant and award-winning, HawkSight Software. 

Working globally and cross-sector using the latest security risk assessment methodology across all our business disciplines, we empower clients through our collaborative approach to security risk management consultancy, training and software deployment.

Putting comprehensive enterprise security risk management tools at our clients’ fingertips ensures visibility across the entire organisations and drives cost reduction, time saving and compliance. 


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Introducing HawkSight Software V2

Introducing Version 2 of HawkSight Software the ISO 31000 compliant, and award-winning enterprise security risk management platform from HawkSight SRM Ltd. Incorporating enhanced API and mapping integrations, and much more, to help security teams rapidly review, assimilate and respond to the latest information and incidents impacting their project portfolio.