The Future of Security Risk Management

HawkSight helps you keep your organisation safer through a simple-to-use digital safety & and security risk management platform that enables organisations to thrive.

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What drives us

Nothing in life is risk free but risks can be managed. It’s our job to make everyone and everything safer.

HawkSight software uses a sophisticated algorithm that assesses risks based on relevant threat data. This delivers a dynamic risk profile, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides options for mitigation.

We call it security risk insight and we’re global leaders at it.

We believe that this will enable people to live freer lives and enterprises to flourish as risk diminishes.

The ability to live and operate safely in an increasingly complex world is our goal.


Our vision in action

Managing risk is challenging, and taking effective action can be overwhelming.

HawkSight specialises in making security risk management simple.

We give our clients efficient solutions enabling the creation of a safe and positive working culture that supports business growth.

We term it software with a service.

We believe that effective decision-making is driven by risk-led conversation throughout the enterprise, informing action to address uncertain outcomes.

By working closely with our clients to understand their unique business requirements, we provide tailored solutions for enterprise-wide security risk management.

Our vision in action
Save time

Up to 80% time saving compared to using spreadsheets.


Compatible with security event API feeds to enhance real-time risk analysis.

Risk visualisation

Digital mapping and risk dashboard to provide enhanced risk visualisation.


Compliant with ISO 31000 risk guidelines.

Inform real-time decision-making

Get ahead of the competition with real-time risk data and customised reporting.


“Jacobs required a security risk management tool to provide a standardised approach to SRM across the organisation. We needed a platform tailored to our security standards that could integrate with our global intelligence provider and support the visualisation of project & incident data on one platform. Jacobs needs to demonstrate that the controls we audit effectively mitigate the risks we identify to create permissive environments for our projects to be successful. HawkSight was the only platform we reviewed that delivered against these requirements”.

Director, Security – EMEA & FSU 



“Risk management is essential to build the foundation and centre of an efficient global security risk management system. CARE spent a year researching a digital risk platform that could support the development of a risk-led security program at CARE. We found that HawkSight had the key elements to support and allow our risk practices to grow while providing the technology and know-how to support a future enterprise risk capacity.  We continue to work with HawkSight and consider them a long-term and key partner in our risk management strategy. We remain impressed with the innovation, control and utility aspects of the HawkSight solution."

Head of Security

"HawkSight Software has been hugely successful for us. They’ve done a first-class job in training our team, and the system is fundamentally intuitive to use. The combination of critical information and overlay of current and historical threat data in a map format gives us the ability to make informed decisions and mitigate risk effectively. It’s undoubtedly contributed hugely to the expansion of the programme, and has transformed our approach to security management and our country-side operation in Nigeria"

Country Director, Nigeria

British Council


"The HawkSight platform is a highly intuitive and detailed system that allows a robust analysis of ‘Risk’ when applying a wide variety of threat types, asset types, and reactive and proactive security controls. This analysis is then displayed in easy-to-comprehend Boston matrices in a pre-mitigation and post-mitigation format. The platform, although complex, is user friendly and has allowed us to complete a number of comprehensive Security Risk Analysis reports for clients. We are looking forward to the future evolution of the platform as it is becoming an important element in our Security Risk Assessment service provision."

Senior Security Consultant



“The experience with HawkSight has far exceeded expectations from the initial enquiry and presentation on the platform to the smooth procurement and integration into our organisation. The learning and development process was outstanding, with clear, specific, and straightforward learning material that is of value to the most experienced to that person taking their first steps into this type of work. The range of options that the platform provides with the operational and practical application provides a very effective, relevant and timely solution to support our clients.”

Founder & Manging Director

Red Latitude